Stupid Randalls!

Belated Randalls update (I can’t ‘t believe I’m giving them a post of their own after having me refresh for a half-hour last night!):

Sanderson Farms whole fresh chickens                 99c/lb
Honeysuckle or Safeway whole frozen turkeys      59c/lb (w/ $50 purchase, limit one)
Fall bouquet                                                           $5 Friday
Tyson twin-pack Cornish Game Hens                    $5 Friday

Seems like a good chance to cook tiny chickens, if you’d been wanting to give that a go. You could give them to the kids to cook, like small practice turkeys.

They’ve got a lot of produce on sale, but none of it is priced well enough to list here, as is common with Randalls. I’ll be getting a turkey (stocking up on tp, dairy, and personal care items to get to the $50 for the purchase) for the freezer, but other than that there’s not much this week.


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