Clearance Racks, How Do They Work?

I love checking the clearance racks. Such an assortment of old holiday items, discontinued things, and things that simply should not have been for sale in the first place.

The trick is knowing where to look for them. I’ve often been standing at one, and someone walking by sees me looking, and then stops to look themselves. It’s like when you see someone looking up, you check to see what they’re looking at, too, just in case they’re watching a big rock fall on you and aren’t the kind of person to shove you out of the way and then take you out for a drink.  Instead of a rock, though, it’s grocery deals!

Clearance shelves are often in places you don’t look, because they’re right along employee entrances, or tucked in a back corner that isn’t your usual shopping area. The Randalls on Ben White has theirs in a little hallway behind the ice cream cake case. What? You didn’t know that Randalls has an ice cream cake case? I rest my case.

So, here’s a list of clearance racks I know the location of, and a couple harvested from the Cheepie facebook page. If you have some to share, please comment. I’m hoping to make a whole page devoted to the locations of clearance racks.

And again, if you’re not following me on twitter you miss things like when I found all the Nyquill on 50% off on a clearance rack. So follow–I am no good at twitter, but still manage to amuse enough for eight bots to follow, along with about six real people!

Randalls (Ben White): racks in right rear corner. meat clearance, right side of meat case. dairy clearance, at the end of the cheese/juice/yogurt aisle.

Sprouts (S. Lamar): rack in middle of back wall, near an employee entrance door. Day old bread cart is usually in front of deli case.

Sprouts (Manchaca): racks in left rear corner.

HEB (Oltorf/Congress): cart toward the front near the magazines at one end of the checkers

HEB (Slaughter/Manchaca): corner between diapers and yogurt. This one cracked me up just to type, and I might swing by to check it out tomorrow, just to take a photo.

HEB (Slaughter/Escarpment): look for carts in the frozen section.

Thanks to the Facebook readers Janet, Janell and Debbie for the tips on locations I didn’t know about!  If you know one, add it in the comments, and I’m going to make a page for us all to check on if we’re looking for some interesting deals.


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