Dinner Score, Week 19

 I was pretty determined this week. I was also a bit optimistic about Thursday, which was the day we went to the rodeo and of course ate fried food on sticks and were exhausted when we got home.  As is traditional for tired and hungry people with phones, we ordered food and were grateful, even if it wasn’t the plan.

  • Mon:  bratwurst, baked potatoes, grapes, watermelon, carrots
  • Tues:  corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, fruit
  • Wed: Prince Spaghetti Day! pasta with beans and sausage, spinach salad, fruit + veg
  • Thurs:  dumplings, egg drop soup, pork fried rice, fruit + veg
  • Fri: fried halibut, coleslaw, hush puppies, fruit + veg

I liked this plan, and not just because there was corned beef involved. Most of this is very low work stuff, with the exception of frying fish, which is basically taking my life in my hands given that Tiny wants to dance in the kitchen as soon as I start cooking. Initially, I’d thought this would be a good week for Boy and Tiny to help, but with the rodeo exhaustion and Friday night crazies, this was a week off for the kids.

  • Mon: nailed it!IMG_1992
  • Tues: nailed it!
  • Wed: pork fried rice, carrots, raspberries, blueberries
  • Thurs: takeout Indian food. mmmmm, chicken korma!
  • Fri: fried catfish, cornbread, coleslaw, pickles, peaches

IMG_1914IMG_1917IMG_190711 points! The crowd goes wild!

No points for Thursday, with the minimally healthy (and delicious) takeout from Tarka, but 3 points for every other day except Wednesday which only got two for being on the wrong day.  I’m pretty happy with how our week went.

And to you see that happy Friday meal up there with the fried fish? I told DH that I thought I might just start frying everything it turned out so well.

Tune in tomorrow for the plan for this week. Cheep cheep!


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