Monday Night Goal Post

Check Cheepie out–a weekly plan before we’ve eaten any of the meals! To think this used to be the usual way of things.

Mon: tortilla soup, grilled chicken, rice, salad, fruit
Tues: Taco Tuesday!
Wed: chicken strips, pesto pasta, fruit, veg
Thurs: Caesar salad, grilled cheese, cucumber, blackberries
Fri: Buffalo chicken legs, celery, carrots, + leftovers

Boy and Tiny are in charge of Wednesday and Thursday, respectively. (Ha! Wrote ‘respectfully’ first, Freudian slip, since that is part of what I’m hoping with getting them involved with dinner.)

Things that I’m using that were on sale are the chicken breasts, blackberries and cucumbers.  The chicken legs are from the freezer, which I’m still paring down.

Remember to check in and see how I did when the weekend rolls around!

Cheep Cheep!


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