Happy Ad Wednesday!

It’s all hatch chile peppers all the time this week. Randalls is even offering free roasting if you buy 20lbs, when normally they’re a refuge for people that don’t want to smell like a garden burnt down around them.  

Aside from peppers, pork loin is a great deal at Fiesta. I haven’t seen in this cheap in a while.  They’ve also got sugar on the cheap. Grapes, peaches, cantaloupe and cauliflower are all at cheap summer prices, so stock up and freeze while we’re at these low prices!


nectarines                                                                            99c/lb(DD)

whole pork loin roast                                                          99c/lb (Fiesta limit)

fresh chicken tenders                                                         $1.99/lb (Fiesta limit)

Fiesta brand sugar, 4lb sack                                               99c/lb (limit 2)

Goya Canilla rice, long grain or parboiled, 3lb               99c/lb (limit 2)


hatch chile peppers, fresh                                            77c/lb (DD)

bscb or thighs                                                               $1.99/lb


white or red seedless grapes                                         87c/lb (DD)

Gala apples                                                                     97c/lb (DD)

strawberries, 1lb                                                              $1.17/lb (DD)

hatch chile peppers, fresh                                               78c/lb (grackle only)(DD)

organic peaches or Pink Lady apples                           $2.48/lb (DD)

County Post bscb, value pack                                       $1.99/lb


peaches                                                                             49c/lb (DD)

cantaloupe                                                                          49c/ea (C15)

cauliflower                                                                           88c/ea

Fuji apples or Bartlett pears                                             88c/lb (DD)

organic red or green seedless grapes                          $1.88/lb (DD)

Earthbound Farm organic salads, 1lb                            $4.98/ea

It's mail, it's mail, it's flat, it's paper, it's good!

It’s mail, it’s mail, it’s flat it’s paper, it’s good!

And look what came in the mail! People with me for a while know that my mail is erratic. This is two weeks in a row that my circulars showed up on Tuesday, just like they’re supposed to. Just like they did until I started this blog, and the universe decided my mail was not a priority.  I’m not getting my hopes up for next week, but would like to thank the universe for these two weeks of normal mail.

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