Happy Ad Wednesday!

Did you miss the Fiesta deal on pork loin last week?  Randalls pork loin is at the normal low this week, so if you’re kicking yourself you can console yourself with some pork that is still very reasonably priced. Do you find yourself sad about missing anything meat-ish that was 99c/lb? Then head over to HEB for the 97c/lb pork butt.  Happiness is yours!

The back-to-school deals are in full swing, with various breakfast, lunch, and snack deals.  I’ll write them up separately tomorrow so they’re all together, but for now, if you’re hoping to stock up the pantry with cereal, you might as well hit that aisle.

Asparagus is cheap at Sprouts this week. Note on asparagus–don’t buy that whole dang bunch. That’s too much. It’s perfectly fine to pull some out of the blue rubber band and put it in a sack, just don’t make a big mess of the display.  Same with grapes–you don’t have to buy the pre-bagged amount. Take as much as you want, and leave the display neat.

This week I’ve also got some seafood listed. I don’t buy seafood at Fiesta, but at these prices it’s something to consider–lobster and crabs are not often this inexpensive.


large Prima peaches                                                    99c/lb (DD)

whole pork loin                                                           $1.99/lb 

Honeysuckle whole turkey breast, frozen, bone in       99c/lb

Snack Artist potato chips, 7.5-14oz                           $1/ea

Florida’s Natural orange juice, 59oz                        $2.50/ea

Safeway flour, 5lb                                                     $1.69/ea

Campbell’s tomato or chicken noodle soup               75c/ea


asparagus                                                            $1.49/lb (C15)

bscb, value pack                                                  $1.88/lb

walnuts                                                                 $3.99/lb

hothouse cucumbers                                            49c/lb (DD)

green leaf lettuce                                                  48c/ea

honeydew melons                                                 88c/ea

Fuji or granny smith apples                                98c/lb (DD)

cantaloupe                                                         88c/ea(C15)

organic kale                                                       88c/bunch (DD)

wild mahi mahi filets                                          $4.99/lb

french bread                                                     $1.29/ea


black seedless grapes                                           77c/lb (DD)

Fuji apples & Minneola tangelos                              97c/lb (DD)

Hatch chile peppers                                                78c/lb

personal pineapple                                                 97c/ea(C15)

organic strawberries                                               $2.48/lb (DD)

organic pears, 2 lb sack                                          $2.48/ea

Boston butt pork roast, whole in bag                         97c/lb

HCF chicken drums or thighs. value pack               $1/lb (less grackle)

County Post chicken drums or thighs, value pack     77c/lb (grackle)


peaches                                                           69c/lb (DD)

large avocados                                                79c/ea(C15)

chicken leg quarters, jumbo bag                    37c/lb (Fiesta limit)

pork blade steak, family pack                        99c/lb (Fiesta limit)

beef back ribs, family pack                        $1.49/lb (Fiesta limit)

live Texas wild blue crabs                             $2.99/lb

live Maine wild lobster, 1.25-1.5lbs                $6.99/lb

Doguet’s long grain rice, 2lbs                         89c/ea

Nature’s Own honey wheat bread                   99c/ea (limit 2)


organic brown flaxseeds                                        $1.69/lb

organic White Avalanche potatoes                          79c/lb (DD)

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That’s the round up. Happy shopping!  Cheep Cheep!


2 thoughts on “Happy Ad Wednesday!

    • Thanks for asking. The Hill Country Fair brand is the one I prefer to buy, because the label says ‘up to 2% retained water’.

      The County Post brand has up to 15% by weight of a salt/chicken broth solution in their chicken.

      Some people don’t mind, and consider it a brine. I can brine chicken at home if I’ve got a mind to, and don’t like paying for salt water.


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