Happy Ad Wednesday!

I cannot contain my excitement. I read a LOT as a kid. Tons. All kinds of stuff. I loved the older books, Cheaper by the Dozen, Nancy Drew, the intrepid Boxcar Children. You know what kids in those books often had? Green Stamps. Booklets, and stamps, and the store was involved, and you saved for stuff. Sisters fought with brothers over roller skates vs. microscopes.  I remember wishing that somehow my grocery store would give me a microscope for collecting things.  

Got a kid? This book is a riot.

Got a kid? This book is a riot.

It’s possible the stamps were part of the war effort and my horrendous history education is confusing fiction with the era of women drawing lines on the back of  their calves to emulate stockings. It’s possible romance novels have played too large a part in my history education.  I’m still happy.

Screen shot 2015-09-16 at 12.55.39 AMRandalls is bringing back green stamps!  For knives and stuff. I can’t believe I spent $80 there today and the damn thing starts tomorrow. More on that later. There was a reason, I swear.  If you’re also now very excited, every $10 gets you a stamp. Stamps get you stuff. That’s all I know at this point because I’m a tiny blogger and Randalls isn’t sending me press releases (though they should, since I’m one of the few that hate them in a mocking way, rather that just hate them).

Yes, I know it’s not a solid investment, But as someone that spends dollars at Randalls, between this and the gas rewards I’m amused by the weird way grocery pricing works.

Here are the deals. Nothing too striking, just a few swipes at the Apple Wars to come.  I hope you’ve stocked up on meat, since we’ve got a dry spell heading into the poultry bonanza of November. Cheep Cheep!


large avocados                                                            69c/ea (C15)

Fiesta long grain rice, 4lb sack                                  $1.50/ea

chicken drumsticks, large bag                                  39c/lb (Fiesta limit)

center cut pork chops, bone in, value pack           $1.79/lb (Fiesta limit)


pork chops, assorted, bone-in, value pack                   $1.79/lb

Pantry Essentials milk, gallon                                            $1.99/ea 

Campbell’s condensed soup, selected varieties           50c/ea


red seedless grapes                                                  87c/lb (DD)

Gala, Fuji or Pink Lady apples                                  77c/lb (DD)

organic Gala apples                                                $1.97/lb (DD)

whole pork butt or country style ribs                       $1.27/lb


seedless grapes                                                      88c/lb (DD)

cantaloupes                                                               88c/ea (C15)

organic Gala apples                                                  98c/lb (DD)

bulk oats                                                                     69c/lb

frozen organic fruit/veg, selected, 12-16oz             $2/ea

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2 thoughts on “Happy Ad Wednesday!

  1. Jennifer says:

    I remember Green Stamps! My job was to lick them and affix them to the booklets and for some reason I didn’t mind. I don’t recall roller skates being an option. My mom picked out a lousy lamp for me.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s still cracking me up how happy this makes me. I only shop at Randalls for very specific things, and for their sales, and that won’t change, but now–stamps! I am their total target audience for this campaign.


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