Happy Ad Wednesday!

It’s another roast week, with pork being the big winner.  If you’ve got a smoker, you can feed a lot of people on the cheap this week with a pork shoulder. If you’re more of an oven-roasting sort, pork loin roasts, both bone-in and bone-out are under $2/lb.  

Helpfully, apples are also on sale so you can serve a traditional combo:

Happy shopping Cheepsters!



pork shoulder roast                    87c/lb (Fiesta limit)

large avocados                             69c/ea

bscb, family pack                       $1.27/lb (Fiesta limit)

Blue Bell                                        $4.99/ea

limes                                               10c/ea

Fiesta bacon, 40oz                     $7.99/ea (Fiesta limit)

Crisco vegetable oil, 48oz.        $1.77/ea (Limit 2)



bone-in pork loin roast                                     $1.99/lb

Blue Bell                                                         $4.88/ea (must buy 2)



pineapples                                                             98c/ea

blackberries, 5.6oz                                              98c/ea

Russet potatoes, 5lb                                            88c/ea

bulk raisins                                                          $1.99/lb

bulk rolled oats                                                      69c/lb

organic Red or Golden Delicious apples       $1.50/lb



boneless pork loin roast                          $1.97/lb

beef brisket, packer, whole                   $1.97/lb

semi boneless leg of lamb                       $4.97/lb

blackberries, 6oz                                         98c/ea

mangos                                                           50c/ea

organic Fuji or Pink Lady apples            $1.77/lb


Remember, if you see a great sale, post a comment or let me know about it on the Facebook page/twitter. Especially with the holidays we’re all looking for great ways to save!


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