Happy Ad Wednesday!

Finally got my act together. Not in the morning, mind you, because morning is for chumps. Instead my act and I got together after dinner like civilized people. After dinner is when all important things happen.

This week citrus is still all around, and grapes make an appearance. They’ll be cheaper later in the year, but for now this is the lowest I’ve seen in a while. Carrots and bell peppers will be the excuse the kids use to shovel ranch dressing to their mouths for the next several days.  Yogurt is also cheap, as are chicken legs, in case you needed some protein after all that Valentine candy.

Screen shot 2016-02-17 at 8.39.31 PM

      Trader Joe’s I love you, but what in Valentine Pirate hell is this?

Happy Shopping! 



bscb                                                           $1.59/lb

green seedless grapes                          $1.99/lb

Yoplait yogurt                                          50c/ea



Halos, 2 lbs                                                $1.98/ea

red or green bell peppers                       48c/ea

California navel oranges                        48c/lb

celery                                                            98c/ea

white nectarines                                       98c/lb

organic russet potatoes                           98c/lb

organic carrots, 5lb bag                           $2.98/ea



oranges, 4lb bag                                                  $2.48/ea

Gala apples                                                            $1.27/lb

HCF split chicken breasts, value pack          $1.27/lb


Screen shot 2016-02-17 at 8.47.37 PM

Fiesta is still not on board with ‘words mean things’.


chicken drumsticks, jumbo bag                     37c/lb

Ataulfo mangos                                                    25c/ea

carrots, 1lb bag                                                       50c/ea

Roma tomatoes                                                    67c/lb

La Moderna pasta, 7oz                                        25c/ea

Sarita rice, 3lb bag                                                  99c/ea

Starkist chunk light tuna, 5 oz                          50c/ea (limit 4)

3 day sale–Sat/Sun/Mon ONLY!

Sunups medium eggs, dozen                            69c/ea (limit 2)

Tortimasa masa mix, 4.4lb bag                         88c/ea (limit 2)

pork picnic                                                               77c/lb (Fiesta limit)


Central Market

heirloom navel oranges                                                    97c/lb



organic russet potatoes                                                     99c/lb

organic celery                                                                        89c/lb

Stonyfield organic yogurt, 32oz                                      $3/ea


That’s it for this week. Cheep Cheep!


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