Cider Scene, Growing

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It’s been a year since I checked in on cider here in Austin. This is my annual diverging from all things cheap to crow about other food topics I care about!

You can read my sum up of Austin’s cider folks for a baseline check-in and some background. Given the growth of pretty much everything, it’s not surprising to find that the cider scene has grown as well. Updating for the AFBA City Guide, here’s all your Cider News.

Argus Cidery is still exciting.  Their site now actually splits you off into two parts–the Cidery and the Fermentables. Their Ginger Perry, from the fermentable side, is a happy summation of ginger and pear and brightness that is well worth a visit.  The Ciderkin is a wild-fermented dry cider that takes the traditional cider we all remember to a new height.

Texas Keeper has expanded their range with their Cider Noir, a stout cider, which is a great addition to their line.  They’re also about to keg their cider–so we’ll be seeing them on tap soon!  The cidery is having an opening day party on the 12th, act fast and get your tickets here. Music, tastings, and kids get in free; it’s hard to imagine a better way to spend $10 and a Saturday afternoon.

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Best cider label ever, right?

Newcomer to the review is Austin Wine & Cider.  On St. Elmo, with South Austin Brewing and Music Lab nearby, they’re a natural fit. Hard cider and wine are in the works, but according to his site, the ‘wine’ is a nomenclature issue due to TABC classifications (someone should make an infographic).He’s been working on getting up and running for a while, and now with the grand opening scheduled I can’t wait to see what’s on tap! 

Tours will start at Austin Eastciders this summer. As it is the ubiquitous cider of Austin, I think that’s exciting.  Their cans are everywhere lately, and I’m glad to see more people enjoying cider, and hope that they get out to visit.

If you haven’t had cider in ages, you need to give it a try. There are people making great cider, experimenting with fermentation and fruit, and waiting to hear what you think.  Giving cider a second look is well worth your while.




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