Happy Ad Thursday!

Here it is! It got away from me last week, but here I am with the ad round up.

Boneless chicken is listed twice, because they’re both good prices and I know some people don’t get to Fiesta. You know who you are. Just go already though, because it’s seriously fun. And because you need clothes for the rodeo.


You know you’re in Texas when the grocery store sells “fantastic quality” kids cowboy boots.  I also approve of Fiesta’s ongoing commitment to the misuse of quotation marks.

Highlights this week are .  Shop on, Cheepsters!



strawberries, 1 lb                                          $1.50/ea

navel oranges                                                    33c/lb

honey mangos                                                50c/ea

Pink Lady apples                                            88c/lb

spare ribs                                                         $1.99/lb

boneless skinless breasts or thighs       $1.77/lb

mild cheddar cheese                                   $2.99/lb



green grapes                                                               $1.98/lb

kiwi fruit                                                                       25c/ea

HCF seasoned chicken leg quarters                      77c/lb

HCF smoked sausage, 30-42 oz.                            $5/ea

pork tenderloin, whole in bag                                 $2.97/ea

Texas grapefruit, 15lb bag                                         $3.98/ea



cucumbers                                                                                33c/ea

russet potatoes, 5lb                                                               $1.49/ea

boneless skinless breasts or thighs                                 $1.49/lb

selected General Mills cereal, 10-13oz.                          $2/ea  (free milk with 3)

Bumble Bee tuna, 5 oz can                                                   50c/ea (limit 2)

Blue Bell ice cream, 1/2 gal                                                 $4.99/ea



cantaloupe                                                                             $1.50/ea

whole fryer chickens                                                          B1G1  (Reg: $1.49)

Syracruse ground pork                                                     $2.49/lb

dozen eggs                                                                            99c/ea    (limit 4, at least 2)

Starkist chunk light tuna, 5oz can, 2.6 oz pouch       49c/ea

Cap ‘N Crunch cereal                                                          $1.49/ea (must buy 2 or more)

Quaker granola bars                                                           $1.49/ea (must buy 2 or more)

Friday only:

Thibodeaux’s crawfish tail meat, 12 oz, frozen         $5

hot house cucumbers                                                          $1/ea


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