Happy Ad Wednesday!

Here I am, with summer sales, and happy grocery thoughts. Corn, tomatoes, watermelon are the basis of at least half my summer meals, being cheap and requiring very little in the way of cooking.  Are you wondering how Cheepie feels about all those watermelon salads that started turning up all over the place a few summers back? The ones with the feta and mint, and what-all? No? Too bad. I’m here to tell you watermelon doesn’t go with cheese. It can go with mint. That’s fine. Please don’t mess up your watermelon and feta by mixing them together.

This week is kind of a mixed bag, with HEB’s listings thin on the ground, and Randalls/Sprouts with too many, and certain days.  This week I’ll be getting corn and strawberries at HEB, frozen fruit, butter, milk and tuna at Randalls, and berries, grapes, watermelon and cheese (under $2/lb for the first time in a while!) at Sprouts.

Fiesta has some great meat prices, but I’m still trying to cycle out my freezer so I can defrost it. Because wire shelves shouldn’t be 6 inches thick and require a power tool to release a brisket.  So I’m told.

That lesson shared, here are the deals!



BlueBell half gallons                                                  $4.44/ea

SK frozen fruit, 3lbs bag                                            $4.44/ea

Lucerne butter, 1lb                                                      $2/ea

Value Corner milk, 1 gal                                              $2/ea

StarKist chunk white albacore tuna                         49c/ea (must buy 4)

Yoplait yogurt, 4-6oz T                                                   39c/ea (must buy 4)

Kellogg’s cereals                                                            $1.99/ea (must buy 4)

SK frozen waffles, 12.3-14.1oz                                    99c/ea (must buy 4)

Thurs-Sun ONLY:

     boneless pork loin                                                     $1.49/lb

     vine ripe tomatoes                                                        69c/lb

     boneless skinless chicken breasts or thighs          $1.79/lb

    split chicken breasts, drumsticks, bone-in thighs    99c/lb

     Open Nature frozen pizzas                                       $2.99/ea (limit 4)



beef top sirlion steak                                        $2.98/lb

bscb                                                                      $1.67/lb

center cut pork chops                                       $1.77/lb

roma tomatoes                                                    43c/lb

cucumbers                                                           25c/ea

today only:

     onions                                                               20c/lb

    Gala apples                                                      6/$1

Saturday only:

     boneless skinless chicken breast               $1.27/lb

     assorted pork chops                                      $1.27/lb


Screen shot 2017-03-29 at 10.53.42 PM


blackberries, 5.6 oz                                                              98c/ea

red seedless grapes                                                               98c/lb

blueberries, 6oz                                                                    98c/ea

green bell peppers, cucumbers                                          33c/ea

organic baby carrots, 1lb                                                    77c/ea

on the vine cluster tomatoes                                              88c/ea   

london broil                                                                         $2.88/lb

organic oranges or grapefruit, 4lbs                                 $2.98/ea

bulk oats                                                                                  69c/lb

Fri-Sun only:

     seedless watermelons                                       $2/ea

     bulk cut cheddar cheese                                  $1.99/lb (yay! do not mix with watermelon!)

     grape tomatoes, 1 pint                                        $1/ea



organic artichokes                                                             99c/ea

organic Gala apples                                                          $1.49/lb


Screen shot 2018-05-09 at 6.00.15 PM

HEB, quit messing with me. I cannot be on page 10 of 9.


strawberries, 1lb                                                           $1.47/ea

small mangos                                                                  50c/ea

corn                                                                                  20c/ea

baby back ribs                                                            $2.89/lb


Happy shopping everyone!  Let me know if you find any deals I missed, or if you find anything really helpful to share.  Cheep cheep!






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