Happy Ad Wednesday!

This week feels a bit slower to me. Fewer good deals on produce, apple wars winding down, not as many deals on meat.  I’m putting it down to the stores saving the big loss-leaders for further along in the ramp up to the holiday season.

Sprouts has a few really good deals running from Fri-Sun only, I’ve marked them below.

The pork picnic listed as a Fiesta limit deal is about as cheap as it gets, but it’s not what I usually think of as a ‘pork shoulder’, though I cook it the same way–If my husband doesn’t smoke it, it goes in the crockpot with a spice rub. The difference is that the skin is still on, and I’ll generally remove that as cooking breaks it down.  It’s also a porkier, almost darker meat.  I don’t know if it’s just the larger amount of bone, or the cut itself, but it has a stronger flavor, so keep that in mind if you’re considering purchasing it.


lemons                                                   6/$1

Lou-Ana vegetable oil, 48 oz.              $1.99

red or golden delicious apples             79c/lb (DD)

Jimmy Dean pork sausage, 16 oz        $2.99 ea

boneless skinless chicken breasts      $1.99 (Fiesta limit)

pork picnic roast                               $1.59/lb (Fiesta limit)


boneless skinless chicken breasts                       $1.99/lb

Breyer’s ice cream, 1.5 qt.                                       $2.99

Honeysuckle or Safeway Frozen Turkey 8-24lb       59c/lb (with $50 additional purchase)


raspberries,  6oz.                                           98c/ea

pineapples                                                    99c/ea

honeycrisp apples                                        98c/lb  (DD)


green and red bell peppers, cucumbers (DD)                50c/ea

many apples (not honeycrisp)                                          88c/lb

organic kale                                                                      $1.48/bunch  (DD)

Fri-Sun ONLY:

clementines, 2lb. sack                                                     $1.98/ea

Sprouts boxed broth, 32 oz.                                             $1.50/ea

Mountain High yogurt, 32 oz.                                            $2/ea

also, there’s 30% off all seafood from the case for these three days

ending today!

  • blackberries, 5.6oz                                                          99c/ea
  • Sprouts brand organic apple juice, 1 gal                     $7.99/ea
  • rolled oats                                                                        69c/lb
  • mussels                                                                         $2.99/lb
  • drumsticks or whole chicken legs                                   99c/lb

That’s it for this week, Cheepsters!  Keep an eye on Facebook for on-the-spot deals, and follow me on twitter to keep up with the adventures of an Old Lady Tweeting.

Cheep Cheep!


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