Posting for Amusement’s Sake Only

Tonight, I worked out.  I will be sore tomorrow. My abs, they will have me creaking about, because this post was hard work, people.  Look what I had to do:

photo 3

I had to go back to 1992, make a bar graph and drag that sucker right into the future! The things I do for Cheepie!

In reality, I created that graph on my Mac, and the only way I could get it from the Numbers (Apple’s answer to Excel) format to Will-Post-To-WordPress format was to take a freaking screenshot of the file, crop it in iPhoto, and then take a photo of it with my damn phone.

Nothing like a bunch of incompatibility to make a girl feel like laughing.  And all of this for a graph that I can only conclude needs more data before any real trend can be identified–though overall there is an upward slope indicated.  So this is good. 

I gave up the ‘sit at the table all of us right now at once’ thing somewhere in there, and that’s part of the uptick. I did go by percentage to normalize between the 10 point scale and the 15 point scale.

To avoid this ab workout in the future, software will be acquired, charts will be charted, and graphs will be graphed.  Just give me a bit.  I think that phone’s got powers.  The kids all seem to think so.


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