Week 15 Dinner Score

The plan this week went pretty well. There was rearrangement, and we didn’t all eat together at all because of timing, but we all ate the dinner made with the exception of one skip night where DH and I ate out.  Call it a ‘mental health’ meal (where mental health involves Happy Hour priced fried jalapenos).

I did add in a night where Boy cooked dinner, and am working on adding a night for Tiny.  Eldest is now doing cleanup twice a week in lieu of dinner, since she’s not home soon enough to take over cooking for a night.  This is all part of my Everyone-Lives-Here-Everyone-Works-Here plan, which I’m hoping will eventually mean I don’t have all these piles of laundry all over the place.  Through food, I shall see laundry done. That’s an Erma Bombeck quote, right?

The plan:

  • Mon:  grilled cheese, tomato soup, strawberries, cucumberphoto 1
  • Tues:  Taco Tuesday! pulled pork tacos, fixins, beans, fruit & veg
  • Wed:  linguine with clams, garden salad, garlic bread, fruit
  • Thurs:  sesame chicken, pork dumplings, rice, veggie stir fry, pineapple
  • Fri:  venison stew, egg noodles, garden salad, homemade rolls, fruit

The actual:

photo 2

  • Mon: exactly the plan. 3 points.
  • Tues:  pulled pork, chicken, rice and beans, carrots and strawberries. 3 points.
  • Wed:  sesame chicken, rice, broccoli, plums. 3 points.
  • Thur:  chicken strips, carrots, peas, strawberries, rice noodles (Boy cooked dinner!). 2 points.
  • Fri: grilled sandwiches, leftovers. 1 point.

12 points is a damn fine week. I’m happy. And do you see that meal with the homemade chicken nuggets and peas? That’s what Boy chose to make! He was a grphotoeat sport about it. I gave him the protein/starch/raw veg/cooked veg/fruit plan, and he chose the foods to fill in.  He breaded the chicken and cooked it, and we both had a good time in the kitchen getting him familiar with pan-frying and getting all the food ready at once.

And then he also wanted to make a cake. In his defense, he mostly wanted to make the cake, not dinner.  We’re doing a new thing where his dinner day is Thursday, though, and so the cooking doubled up on us.  He made this cake.  The stress level was pretty high (spoon in the Kitchen-aid is NOT a good thing!), but the cake is wonderful, and he’s so happy with it. 

Plan post coming up, along with the long-promised Clearance Rack Index! So stay tuned, Cheepsters!

Cheep Cheep!


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