Week 16 Goal Post

Four months! That’s crazy. But math doesn’t lie–16 weeks is four months and that’s how long since I started the Internet Dinner Accountability Program for Remedial Family Dinner.  I did abandon the whole ‘sit at the table’ idea, but overall we are eating out and ordering take-out less than we were before.  Eating at home is the first step!

I’ve also gotten completely out of the habit of creating more than one meal, which is a relief to the portion of my brain that had been devoted to ‘plain noodles for Tiny, noodles with pesto for Eldest, DH and I eat pasta with sauce and meat, and Boy gets meat and those other noodles he likes’.  That part of my brain has been busy for about a decade now, and is enjoying kicking back and spending time thinking about what kind of tape JLo’s got her closet stocked with to make her Oscar gowns stay right the heck where they’re supposed to be (gaffer tape? superglue tape? straight up magic tape? is she a WIZARD???), and how to make a centrifuge out of Lego.

Family Dinner is not quite there yet, but I’m moving us toward the goal.  The kids are helping with cooking and cleaning up. I’m making a plan each week.  And I’m still writing, so there’s entertainment for you Cheepsters!

Here is the Week 16 plan:

  • Mon:  roasted chicken thighs, green beans, spinach salad, raspberries. (3 points! I know, I cheat.)
  • Tues: salmon, asparagus, blackberries, photo
  • Wed: chicken fried rice, egg drop soup, steamed spinach, fruit & veg
  • Thurs: clam chowder, potato soup, fresh bread, fruit, cheese
  • Fri: tuna noodle casserole, salad

Things I used that were on sale were chicken thighs, raspberries (Randalls card deal), asparagus, blackberries. The tuna is from the sale Fiesta has a bit ago.

And I know, the tuna casserole is freaking you out, right?  But I love it, and I only make it about once a year. This is my week!  I think it’s entirely possible that Boy will like it a lot.  The others also might not hate it.  DH might even eat it if I use my newly minted free coupon that Kettle sent me to buy chips to put on top.

Or he might be unhappy that I put free chips on top of tuna casserole. Could go either way.

Stay tuned, Cheepsters!


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