Garden, Grow!

Usually when the weekend rolls around I have a food project in mind. I don’t always get to it, but it’s there. Pork dumplings for the freezer, a stack of homemade tortillas, a batch of applesauce, these are the kinds of things I try to fit in between soccer games and karate.  

This time of year the food projects are a more long-term investment. Getting tomatoes in the ground has me daydreaming about summer salads and sauce.  My little garden has cucumbers, beans and peas sprouting and just looking at them makes me happy. Tiny wants carrots, and even though it’s late we will give those a try, because who can deny a kid carrots? 


For a $20 investment I get food and smiles, which is a pretty good deal.  

Cheep Cheep! 


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