Tomato, Tomahtoe

I’m giving in to the stink bugs and calling an end to tomato season. They have proven super-resilient and are giving me tomatoes that aren’t so great, so the plants will be sacrificed to make way for more pepper plants. 

This last haul is everything-plum, sun gold, early girl, and those cute bitty yellow pear shaped ones. 


 I’ll be roasting them and packing away I the freezer for sauces later. Love it when I stock the freezer for cheep!


Blue Bell, How We Love You

This has finally come to pass.

The loss of three Southern Blackberry Cobbler was the hardest hit, felt by DH who thought he had laid in a six month supply. His reasoning here is much like the Kettle Thai chip logic: he’s the only one that likes it, so he knows he won’t have to worry about sharing.

I’d held off tossing them because at first it wasn’t clear that I needed to. Then, we went with, ‘it’s half eaten, so this one is fine’. After that I tried to rationalize keeping it all:

  • Only members of the immediate family would eat it, just in case.
  • We aren’t infants, elderly, or immunocomprimised, so we’ll be fine.
  • The risk is really low of anything happening.
  • The factory was a mess for a long time and we hadn’t gotten sick.
  • It is a horrible waste to throw this much food away.

Eventually possible death overcame all of the objections and we tossed it. I think it was the right choice, but there is a small part of me that thinks I threw out a bunch of perfectly good ice cream.

On the upside, it made room for the pork loin on sale this week.